Family field trips in Lika!

Family field trips in Lika!

Weekend is here? Vacation or simply a day off, and you’re thinking about a field trip? There are many options, but you have children and they won’t enjoy every location you would?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to think too hard and spend half of the day planning, we have found for you some of the best locations offering children friendly activities so they could have great time on your family field trip!

MC Nikola Tesla

Not only does MC Nikola Tesla offer an insight in the work and life of this, probably the greatest, innovator from this area, it also has a playground specially designed to remind of some of his inventions. Give your little ones fun and education in one field trip!

Velebit Botanical Garden

This is the perfect place for little explorers. In Velebit Botanical Garden there are educational boards, marked herbal species and even though the whole tour takes about an hour of slow walk, when you get tired you can stop by the resting point with benches and a botanical station.


Velebit House

In the „Velebit House“ you can, e.g. learn the types of clouds, turn shortly into a Velebit bird through 3D glasses, hear the sound of caterpillars, find out which mythical creatures roamed this space, see the mountains and underground creatures creation or go on a speleological adventure inside the House!

Your youngest will probably enjoy the search for mysterious „Planinci“ the most. What is it about? We won’t tell, because it is best to see it yourself, right?

Mlinovi Gacke

Head over to the beautiful Gacka river and visit the old mills, hundreds of which still stood just some 60 years ago, and now there are just few functioning in Sinac. Just listening to them clacking will take you centuries back, but if it’s not fun for the kids, they will definitelly be intrigued by the little ducks swimming, as well as the ocassional sheep, goat or cow next to the road.


OPG Grgurić Ranch Vel’ki Mlin

OPG Grgurić is in Ribnik and offers horseback riding for experienced riders as well as kids and adult beginners. If your little ones love animals, this place is the right choice. Out of 25 horses, 6 belong to the Akhal-Teke breed, one of the world’s oldest, and recognizable for their blue eyes. Don’t miss out on fun with these beautiful horsies!

Kuterevo – Bear Shelter

Kuterevo village gained its fame because of the Bear Shelter, but it has always been a place where man and bear co-habitated. Kutarevo is a great place to explore Velebit, Krasno, Gacka river or simply an option for a one-day field trip with kids who will surely adore the bears :)