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“Cowboy’s dream” vacation house

The house is situated in the Velebit foothills, in a small village near Gospić (approx. 25km). This house is a true ranch chalet with many contents. Next to the house, you’ll find a stable with horses and a small country restaurant which works only for ranch guests. Here, you can go horseback riding, rent-a-bike, hike, mountaineer and engage in many other activities.

The ground floor has two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room while the first floor has another bedroom. The house has total of two bathrooms.

“Cowboy’s dream” is the perfect location for a memorable experience in virgin nature.



Pets are allowed. Price for one pet per day is 100 HRK.

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  • Breakfast: On Demand
  • Coffee Machine
  • Fishing Areas Nearby
  • Heating: Wood Furnace
  • Hiking Trails (up to 10 000 m)
  • Horseback Riding
  • House is in a Nature Park
  • Microwave
  • Rent-a-bike
  • Rent-a-canoe
  • River (up to 10 000 m)
  • Ventilator

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Nature Park Velebit

Nature Park VelebitNature Park Velebit Nature Park Velebit was proclaimed as such in 1981. and encompasses several protected areas: strict reservation of Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi; a forest vegetation reservation – Štirovača in mid-Velebit; botanical reservations: Zavižan – Balinovac – Zavižanska kosa, Visibaba; a special geomorphological reservation: Cerovac caves near Gračac; significant landscape: Zavratnica bay; and nature

Sports & nature

Sports & natureContrast between the land and the sea, lookout points facing the sea, numerous and accessible trails towards peaks, well arranged and marked trails and hiking paths, fairy tail-like forest roads, rich flora and fauna, unusual rocks, nice mountain homes, wild canyons, deep caves and pits- all that and much more can be found in Nature Park Velebit. Virgin nature is one the greatest riches of this area and the reason true nature enthusiasts are attracted towards it. Substantial number of caves and pits found here sparks interest of speleologist and amateurs. Relatively small area holds an impressive number of the mentioned caves and pits: Vrlina, Mamet, Golubinka, Bunovac, Puhaljka pits and Cerovac caves. Cerovac caves are the greatest cave complex in Croatia which will surely amaze you with rich cave figures and decorations. Nature Park Velebit will please the recreationalists, adventurers as well as romantics who enjoy long nature walks.

Culture and history info

Culture and history infoDespite the harsh nature, this area had been inhabited for centuries and tracks of active life are still visible: there are roads built, cultural monuments and sacral objects. Especially intriguing are the remains of what were once shepherds' residences, old mills and water mills and mirila: memorial stones placed in the deceased’s honour, making them interesting for researchers from different scientific disciplines (e.g. http://bib.irb.hr/prikazi-rad?rad=677557 ).

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