Lika Art – Golac Gallery

“When an artist starts his journey, give him a free pass” (S.Golac)

Not many people from Lika have attracted attention from art and culture lovers in the past half a century or more, as did Stipe Golac with his paintings, books and cultural and pedagogy work in general. He was born in Ribnik in 1939., lived and studied in that small Lika village and Gospić until departing to Zagreb and Belgrade for his academic education. For the rest of his life, he was dedicated to teaching young talents and transferring his Lika on canvas and paper. Velebit was a special inspiration to this remarkable artist, i.e.: “He was organically coalescent with Lika and bathe with blood his love for everything in Lika. Lika enriched him with a never-ending inspiration of motifs, and he enriched it with his pallet in return” (Grga Rupčić, prof.)


Other side to this versatile artist is his verbal pallet with which he painted many everyday events in our lives, and gave a critical viewpoint on everything that surrounds us: technology, politics, humanity, media, etc. His aphorisms are so brilliant that it would be a true shame if you didn’t read at least one of his books.

Don’t pass through Lika without stopping by at this great man’s gallery. His legacy is truly a spitting image of the Lika spirit!