Lika Land

Lika- The Land of the Wolves

is a southwest Croatian region surrounded by mountain ranges, of which the largest and most important one is Velebit, placed as a wall dividing the Mediterranean from the heartland. For millions of years the Velebit mountain had formed and created mountain tops, valleys and stone blocks – that is why it is unavoidable for researchers, people searching adventures, hikers, or those who simply want to enjoy the fresh, Lika mountain air. This unique karstic phenomenon guards within botanical reserves, nature monuments, two National Parks (North Velebit and Paklenica) and is a Nature Park itself.

At the heart of Lika, on the country’s North – South crossroads, lies Gospić, a city that has been inhabited since prehistory, most of which was quite turbulent. However, your stay in Lika would not be complete without visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park or Gacka and Krbava field. Sixteen of Plitvice Lakes are lined in a row like pearls guarding the luxurious waterfalls, shining in dark turquoise colour which words do not even begin to describe!

The more you investigate Lika, the more surprised you become – It is not in vain that the natives (Ličani) call it the “sturdy (stone-like) Lika”, the Land of the Wolves; a land made of stone, barren mountains, clear lakes, thick green woods and wolf shelters hidden where no human foot has or should step.

Lika landscape gives you the opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. All four seasons are accentuated in this region so you can enjoy the green waking spring, the colours of the summer, the autumn drama or the white winter snow cover.

Many vacation houses in Lika offer a pleasant accommodation and the possibility to enjoy the previously mentioned natural wealth. You can get acquainted with the Lika area through nature, customs, food and people – Ličani. Ličani are proud and hardy natives which were brought up on the fruitful land and grew under the protection of the Velebit mountain.

Accomodation in Lika

We are here for you, whether you want to find a perfect vacation house in Lika, actively spend your weekend, or just sit to a glass of Lika’s famous plum brandy which is considered not only an enjoyment, but “a must”!