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One of the last villages on Velebit is Krasno. It is not only one of the last, but the largest as well. Situated on the Velebit northern hillside at an elevation of approx. 800 m, this picturesque village has a lot to offer, e.g. one of the largest Marian sanctuaries and pilgrimage sites attracting people from all over the world (locals walk up to 80km for the pilgrimage). Krasno holds the only forest museum in Croatia providing an insight into the importance of forestry (past and present) in Croatia, especially in Lika. Krasno is the most important entry into the North Velebit National Park, and its headquarters – a perfect place for a vacation, recreation and getting to know our largest mountain – Velebit. You will find vacation houses here, made just for you.

Sports & nature

Krasno offers many recreation possibilities; hiking from Krasno as a starting point is one of the best options to explore North Velebit; or, can explore Krasno and its vicinity by a bicycle. During the winter period, many little hills will serve as your personal tobogganing polygon.

Nature is quite remarkable here, a living proof of the harmony and progress between a man and the mountain. Make sure not to miss many agricultural households offering tasteful cheese and honey, or even the „velebitska travarica“(strong herb brandy).

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Culture and history info

One of the most important and most visited Marian sanctuaries in Croatia is the Our Lady of Krasno Sanctuary, gathering thousands of pilgrims from all over the world on August, 15. Not far from there, a forestry museum – the one and only of its kind in Croatia – is placed. Here you'll find the headquarters of the North Velebit NP – the place to start your Velebit adventure.

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