Cerovac Caves

Cerovac Caves

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Cerovac Caves

Is a cave complex which deserves the label of the most beautiful and magnificent Croatian caves. It is composed of 3 caves: Lower, Middle and Upper Cave. The entirety of the complex has not yet been fully explored and there are indications that they might be one of the largest caves in the entire world. For now, visitors can see the first 800 meters of the Upper and Lower Cave. They are abundant in karstic elements; stalactites and stalagmites. If you find yourself anywhere near these caves do not miss the chance to visit them, because they will overshadow any cave you might have seen before.

Sports & nature

The Upper Cave is approx. 1300 meters long, or to be more exact, that is how far it has been explored for now. However, only the first 800 meters (approx.) can be observed by visitors. The Lower Cave has so far been explored around 3000 m in length; its entry is smaller than that of the Upper Cave, but it is also possible to see only the first 800 m.

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Culture and history info

The Upper Cave was known to the locals before the discovery of the Lower Cave in 1927. during the construction of the Lika railway. There were cave bear remains found in the Lower Cave.

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