Spring of Una

Spring of Una

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Una Springhead

Una springhead is a unique karstic phenomenon located near Srb. On Lika’s frontier, just at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina starts the flow of river Una (212 km long, half of its stream runs through Croatia). At this exact secluded place is the springhead of Una – „unique river „as the old Romans called it. Depth of the springhead is still not fully explored – for now, we know of 248m (2016.), making it world’s 5th deepest karstic spring. It has been protected as a hydrological nature monument in 1968. for its outstanding hydro geological importance, beauty and uniqueness.

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Not far from Srb is the Una springhead which you can access from Gračac – Bruvno – Srb direction. If you are coming from the south (Knin to Gračac road) take a turn towards Srb and you will see, right after Srb, a place called Donja Suvaja. Once you reach the village, you will find a guidepost and just after the parking spot starts the educational trail, approx. 15 min away from Una springhead.

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If you are curious for more, continue driving from the springhead for about 50 km in the direction Donji Lapac – Nebuljsi – Donji Štrbci and discover the amazing Štrbački buk, the finest waterfall on Una, and probably beyond.

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