Cave Park Grabovača

Cave Park Grabovača

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Cave Park Grabovača

Cave Park Grabovača, unique in many aspects, is situated not far from Perušić. Inside the Cave Park are a total of nine speleological objects arranged like a stalactite and stalagmites web. Among many caves, Samograd cave, composed of four halls, stands out. The entry into Samograd is possible throughout the year and the employees of the Park will show you all of its magic. Besides caves, park includes an educational path and during the summer you can seek refreshment swimming in Lika river.

Cave Park Grabovača is truly a unique destination that will provide the perfect pass time for anybody’s taste.

Sports & nature

Speleology is the mystic activity sparking awe in many. If you, too, are a cave enthusiast, this park will amaze you with its contents – from the arranged Samograd cave to the less accessible Medina or Amidžina cave. Upon seeing the depths, you can head out to the educational trail around Grabovača hill where you will reach a beautiful looking point overlooking Lika field, Lika river and Velebit.

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Culture and history info

In the Park, Old town Perušić is situated – it was built by the Frankopans and later belonged to the Perušić brothers which founded the place itself.

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