Lake Štikada

Lake Štikada

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Štikada Lake

Artificial Štikada lake is located near Gračac, although administratively it belongs to Lovinac borough and is under Nature Park Velebit’s protection. Štikada lake, even though artificial, holds a great population of brown trout, specific for this area (especially Ričica river). However, there are other fish species in the lake, such as carp, catfish or perch making the place extremely attractive to fishermen. Do not hesitate – find a place for yourself – a beautiful vacation house.

Sports & nature

As it was already mentioned, this place is especially attractive to fishermen – mostly for trout fishing. There are certain restrictions in this area, since it is under Nature Park Velebit's protection, but fishing is not forbidden. Brown trout is the most popular species, but some trophy examples of carp, catfish, chub and perch have been found last couple of years. Asphalted road goes around most of the lake making the access to almost every part of it easy.

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Culture and history info

Štikada lake was artificially made in the mid-70's because of the construction of the Velebit hydropower plant near Obrovac. The distinctiveness of this hydropower plant is in the fact that the water returns into the lake through pipes.

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