Spring of Crna Rijeka

Spring of Crna Rijeka

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Spring of Crna Rijeka

Most of us visit Plitvice Lakes National Park not knowing where they actually come from. There are many tributaries which create the lakes – and they vary in size – but two are most important; Black and White river creating the Matica river which in turn creates the first lake- Prošće. Out of those two, the more beautiful would certainly be the Black river spring. You might wonder why it’s called Black river, but the lakes are of dark blue colour? The name comes from the seemingly black river bottom, caused by the moss growing beneath the river surface.

Sports & nature

Black river spring is a protected area and any activity that might harm its spring and/or stream are strictly prohibited. The spring itself is located near the Plitvički Ljeskovac village. The best way to come to the lake is either on foot or by bicycle from the mentioned village. It is a 45-min walk (in one direction) mostly following the stream of the Black river. A picnic spot awaits you just before the spring, to which you can approach through a small trail. However, do not be surprised if you arrive and the river vanishes before you. Just look up at the rocks where this miracle of nature emerges.

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