Virgin Forest Čorkova Uvala

Virgin Forest Čorkova Uvala

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Virgin Forest Čorkova Uvala

One of the last preserved virgin forests in Europe is Čorkova uvala (cove), named after the long-forgotten village which once existed right at its border. Now only few of its remains can be seen. Čorkova uvala is a part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park where it holds a special status. Today, cove’s most frequent visitors are explorers and nature observers. Since Čorkova uvala is a virgin forest, everything that happens inside is how nature intended it, there is no outside influence. Fun fact – allegedly, you can hear and see bobcats here! If you get the opportunity to stay near Čorkova cove, you should definitely make most of it and have a visit.

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The easiest way to visit Čorkova cove is by using the macadam road from Kuselj (Saborsko) or taking up the educational trail. Be extremely careful because the forest is full of wildlife, animals and plants and as a virgin forest it does not stand the human influence well.

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