Notice – NP Plitvice Lakes Tickets!

Notice – NP Plitvice Lakes Tickets!

NP Plitvice Lakes has introduced a project of online ticket shop, through a web platform which is in test phase. For that reason, they are asking visitors for patience due to eventual system overload.

Shopping procedure:

  • visit web:
  • choose a date and time
  • choose an entrance
  • you will see a list of available tickets for the chosen time
  • based on selected criteria, you’ll receive a bill and a voucher by e-mail

It’s important to remember that you need to buy tickets min. 2 days before the planned visit. Voucher can be exchanged 30 minutes before and during the hour stated on it. It is still possible to buy tickets on the entrance, but due to the new form of selling, there is no guarantee that they will be available when you find yourself in the NP.


More information can be found on NP Plitvice Lakes web page:

Or the contacts below:

tel: +385 (0)53 751 928, e-mail: