Velebit Adventure Cycling Tour


„Velebit Adventure Cycling Tour“ is a two-day tour passing through the mid and north parts of Velebit, with the ending point in Gospić.


Day one

Length: 50km (additional 15km are optional for all or individual participants)


Starting and gathering point of this two-day tour is the parking lot of hotel Velebno in Baške Oštarije. This starting point was chosen for the easy access by vehicles, its position in the high part of Velebit and the altitude of roughly 900 meters which enables the participants to enjoy the best parts of, according to many, the prettiest Croatian mountain, Velebit without the tiring initial ascent. Tour begins at 10:00 when all participants and their bikes should be ready. Firstly, you will pass Dabarski kukovi, 2km long ridge of limestone peaks rising from the woods, one of the unique Velebit phenomena. Smaller share of the route goes through the 1-meter wide Premužić trail in the woods giving another dimension to the already exciting ride. We must note that, with little caution, this share can be passed without any extreme cycling skills. After a spectacular ride through Dabarski kukovi on a hundred of years old road, the tour continues towards Bijele Stijene and Kugina kuća mountain home for a short break.

2 kilometres away from Kugina kuća, the trail leads us through the secondary stage virgin forest of spurce and beech, named Klepina Duliba. Participants will be able to see what does a forest which hasn’t been touched for over 150 years looks like. Further destinations are Štirovača, Mrkvište and Apatišan mountain home where we plan to spend the night. Those feeling up for the task can continue riding for another 15km and see the picturesque Velebit’s Padeži, above which impressive stone peaks rise, and see the sea from the highest road passage in Croatia – Veliki Alan (1414 m above the sea level). You will also have the opportunity to pass next to one of the most beautiful highlands in Velebit, Veliki Lubenovac where you can see Rožanski and Hajdučki kukovi, a strict nature reservation from 1969.  After the exhausting, but unforgettable day, in the beautiful surrounding of Apatišan mountain home, you will regain your strength with an abundant dinner and Velebitsko beer or juices, depending on what you’ve wished arranged beforehand.


Day two


The second day starts with breakfast and coffee, depending on wat you prefer, and we continue the ride when everybody gets ready, but no later than 10:00.

Length: 60km

Because the trail is now of high profile and mostly descending, this share of the route is quite easier than Day 1. On the second day, we leave Velebit peaks behind and descend towards the Velebit foothill villages: Kosinjski Bakovac, Vaganac, Klanac, Veliki Žitnik and the Gospić city which is the ending point as well. On our way to Gospić, you will see the so-called „Pisani Kamen“ (Written Stone), an ancient Roman inscription written in the 4th century Latin, which regulates the access to the water between two Japodic tribes. The spring in question is only 700m away, so we will see for ourselves, once we taste the water, why it needed to be legally regulated even in those times. If we take a little detour into the forest, we will see „Jela Car“ (The Fir Emperor), the largest tree in Velebit and the greatest Fir in Europe, 42,5m high and of 5,42m girth.

Kosinjski Bakovac is a relatively unpopulated village nowadays, but with a proven long history, the proof of which is Sv. Vid (St. Vitus) church with three boards in Glagolitic inscriptions and with a Frankopan coat of arms. From Kosinjski Bakovac, the road takes us next to the Kruščica artificial lake,  a famous bate for fishing enthusiasts. The sight of the blue lake in the middle of forest hills often attracts photographers as well. After the picturesque villages of Klanac and Vaganac, we continue through Veliki Žitnik village where the birthplace of the „Homeland’s Father“, Dr. Ante Starčević is placed, and can be toured or just seen from the outside (according to groups wishes).

Not far from Veliki Žitnik is the goal of this two-day ride, Gospić, where participant, along with their bikes, will be transferred to their vehicles in Baške Oštarije


Tour includes:

  • Professional experienced guide
  • Malfunction assistance
  • Baške Oštarije itinerary tour
  • Capacity for 15 people

Tour does not include:

  • Food and drinks
  • Accommodation
  • Bikes and according equipment


Difficulty level: Demanding


Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

North Velebit National Park

North Velebit National ParkNorth Velebit National Park In 1999. North Velebit National Park was declared as such and it is the eight and youngest national park in Croatia with the surface of 109 km2. Park includes strict reservations Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi; Lukina jama (pit) – one of the deepest karstic pits in the world (discovered in 1999.); Read more

Dr. Ante Starčević Remembrance Home

Dr. Ante Starčević Remembrance HomeDr. Ante Starčević Remembrance Home In Veliki Žitnik, a small village next to Gospić (approx. 10 min car ride), in 1823. Ante Starčević was born. Starčević is probably one of the all-time most popular Croatian politicians, a man who dedicated his life to his country, and in return earned the nickname „Father of the Homeland Read more

Nature Park Velebit

Nature Park VelebitNature Park Velebit Nature Park Velebit was proclaimed as such in 1981. and encompasses several protected areas: strict reservation of Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi; a forest vegetation reservation – Štirovača in mid-Velebit; botanical reservations: Zavižan – Balinovac – Zavižanska kosa, Visibaba; a special geomorphological reservation: Cerovac caves near Gračac; significant landscape: Zavratnica bay; and nature Read more


GospićGospić The city of Gospić is the centre of Lika – the administrative, cultural and traffic centre, which also holds around 50 surrounding settlements in its structure. The city area has been marked with a turbulent past, developing from the Stone Age, through national governments, Turkish invasions and finally becoming acknowledged as the centre of Read more


LikaLika Lika is a region in Lika-Senj county uniting natural, cultural and historical diversities, a spacious basin inside a mountain frame with many fields and rivers vanishing in chasms. Lika’s identity can be seen in the mountains and forests – these natural resources are what makes Lika special and even that is an understatement. Velebit’s Read more

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