UTV Like – A Big Step Forward!

Lika Tourist Guides’ Association (UTV Like)

After extensive planning, Lika Tourist Guides’ Association (UTV) was founded in January 2018. The headquarters are in Gospić, with approx. 60 members, one of which is our small agency – Lika Travel d.o.o. We are extremely proud to be a part of this important initiative which aims to promote Lika as a several-day destination, publish a guidebook for NP Plitvice Lakes tourist guides, and in the spirit of common progress, organize study tours as to expand knowledge and encourage fellowship.
We invite you to follow our work, comment and give suggestions, and join us in making the most of the natural and cultural richness we like to call – Lika!

You can visit the main web page here: http://www.utv-like.hr/vodici/